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22 aprilie, 2009

X-files: Iurie Rosca .Portretul unui cadavru politic

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Portrait of a political corpse

April 5, Moldova held parliamentary elections. One of their results have no one in doubt: the elections will put an end to the career of one of the veterans of the Moldovan policy – Vice-President of Parliament, the leader of the Christian Democratic People’s Party Iurie Rosca.

For more than 20 years in politics the name of the character mentioned, without exaggeration, thousands of publications. Revision „CF” took the trouble to examine them and make them a portrait of this is already a political corpse.

Komsomolsky leader

Born Oct. 31, 1961 in Telenesti, Iurie Rosca is the son of Secretary of the Communist Party Telenesti who had to travel to Chisinau on an urgent basis, away from vengeance odnoselchan, six of whom, thanks to his efforts, had been imprisoned.

Evil speaker said that in the years of adolescence Rosca preferred to communicate in Russian and Bucharest it is so interested in exactly how interested and Soviet-Zimbabwean trade relations.

In 1985, graduated from the Department of Journalism Moldova State University and until 1989 was a member of the Lenin Komsomol, performing duties as secretary of one of the cells VLKSM. In general, the ordinary history of normal Soviet boy, who could become either a cosmonaut, a dentist there, but which the will of the case and the orders of certain officials, thrown in Moldovan politics.

According to reliable sources, in 1985, addressed to the Chisinau branch of the KGB received a directive, which should have been selected by young people, able to become leaders of democratic movements: unlike the rest of the Soviet people, the invisible front fighters were perfectly familiar with the realities of life and the coveted up the process of awakening of national consciousness in Moldova, the Baltic States and Ukraine.

The leader of character, but a bad speaker and demagogue, Rosca entered the sphere of interests of the curator of the KGB Moldova State University in 1982. Personal qualities Rosca of some interest to the Soviet state security and not allowed out of his mind and after zhurfaka.

According to the press, Rosca was recruited by the KGB in 1986, during its correspondent publication Tinerimya Moldova „. Curator of the future became the PPCD leader Colonel „P”, which Roşca maintained close ties until 1998. According to the law of genre, Rosca had to choose a username prompt, which was to cut a wide swath on the front side of his secret personal affairs. The first was the pseudonym Rosca „Budulay. Yuri Ivanovich at a time like out in 1984 soap with Mihai Volontirom starring role.

According to our sources, Budulaya on the table from the curator of „P” are beginning to receive reports, reports of clandestine meetings Moldovan nationalists, with detailed information about their local meetings, the topic of debate and individual participants. The author reports – Budulay.

In the same 1986 Roşca enlisted in the states of literary edition of Teleradio-Moldova „, which, by the way, mere mortals, it was very difficult to get, and after a short time, becomes secretary of Komsomol organization. Without a special gift to journalism, Rosca itself is not shown on television, but on the will of the case, the KGB was in need of trusted sources about what is happening underground, and nationalists fermentation in the dark cabinets safety it was decided to introduce „Budulaya” in the National Liberation Movement, which took place in 1988.

For the masking of its withdrawal from the „bread” for the post of Teleradio-Moldova, „Rosca first used as a cover charge of belonging to some of television” kagebeshnikam „: he writes an article about razgromnuyu agents under the guise of working for the Romanian Television, loudly and telling slam the door and went to television, which receives about 400 Soviet rubles (a fortune for those days) at a modest salary of 75 rubles.

Then Rosca is not somewhere, and the museum named „Kantemir” Writers’ Union of Moldova, a stronghold of the Moldovan national movement.

Historiography or informants?

At the time of arrival of the new „enemy” of all anti-, in the museum at the Writers’ Union has already acted in a future ally Yuri Rosca, a former secretary of the Komsomol Cahul, Vlad Cubreacov. Under the former head of department of the Museum Nina Negru, Rosca and Cubreacov agreed to any terms on any salary, only to work.

„I realized that they were more interested in what happens in the Writers’ Union of Moldova, as well as to behave suspiciously and do nothing. Organization of exhibitions, rather than George and I worked …”,- remembers Negro.

Later, and the founders of the movement of national liberation has been argued that Rosca and Cubreacov came to the meeting with the recorder, explaining this by saying that „it is necessary for the stories.” Somehow, able to enter into the credibility of writers and activists, Rosca and Cubreacov receive their first „office”: room with phone, which receive all calls addressed to the leaders of the movement. Thus, through Kubryakova and Rosca, KGB full control not only meet „disaffected”, but the entire flow of information coming from the area and other cities.

Effective agent through „ownership” support, in 1988, „Budulay” elected in the initiative group of Moldavian Democratic Movement in 1989, abandoning Komsomolsky ticket, becoming one of the founders of the People’s


Coincidence or not, but at the same 1989, the KGB’s second to Moldova, Major Alexander Shevchuk, one of the leading experts on national movements in former Soviet republics, which for a short period of time using a network of agents under the cover begins to completely control the movement of national liberation.

Despite all the efforts expended huge amounts of administrative resources and powerful, the movement would soon spiral out of control of the KGB: Soviet brewing serious problems later led to the disintegration of the Soviet empire.

The beginning of the seizure of power

Since the establishment in 1989, the Popular Front, with the direct assistance of Nicolae Costin, then-mayor of Chisinau, receives office Iorga Street, 5. And Rosca, a co-founder of the Front, moves into the building. According to instructions from his supervisor, he should „прорубить” their way into the top management of the Front, and to this end uses all available tools from the arsenal of special services, which have been trained.

According to Jonah Hadyrke, the first head of the Popular Front saw in Nicolae Costin coming to his future leadership threat Rosca begins action against him, mainly on his discredit. Rosca begins to run rumors about supplies Kostina to the KGB, but on the fence with an enviable constant state start to appear the inscription „Kostin,” kagebeshnik. ”

In the same period Iurie brags his closest that he has to reliable sources in the committee gosbezopansosti. Often, immediately after the meetings of the Popular Front leadership (NF), it can be seen in various parts of the capital, walking with Simion Russu, former deputy minister of national security. Under the pretext of „gathering information” from their „sources”, Rosca continued to „drain” of the NF and its leadership.

In the parliamentary elections in 1990, Rosca, unlike many candidates NF, passed in parliament. Nevertheless, the future Vice-Speaker of Moldova continued its efforts to address Jörg, 5 together with Burke, Sekeryanu, Kubryakovym, Pascal and others, called my хлопцы. It was at that time and a revitalization of the Rosca perenyatiyu all power to the NF.

Not paying any attention to the opinion leaders of the NF, Rosca frequent visits to the United States and European countries, as a representative of the Front, where returning substantial cash.

In addition, his duties and went to collect funds to cover printing costs of publications NF. Funds collected during the rallies on the square the Grand National Assembly and other events. The supporters of the Frente leadership sincerely sacrificed the national movement.

Way to corpses

According to Valeriu Matei, when Mihai Ciobanu, one of the members of the governing of the NF, asked the Rosca record of funds collected and expended, Iurie promised to give a report soon, but this has not happened to date. Moreover, after a short period of time, the corpse Mihai Ciobanu was found dead in one of the capital’s parks and, not blaming this CDPP leader, wants all the same note that the death Ciobanu was the first in a series of strange deaths associates Yuri Rosca.

In 1990, during the Second Congress of the NF problem is the transparency of financial costs, which are the responsibility of Iurie Rosca, „cashier” NF, raised and George Gimpu, secretary of the NF, which has not received any reply to their questions on the same day left NF series.

It should be noted that Gimpu, which also represented a threat to the interests of Rosca, was this psychological pressure from the „Budulaya. Rosca taunted him verbally about and no, closed the office, behaved aggressively, that, ultimately, in the opinion of „frontistov, and influenced his decision to withdraw from the NF.

After Snegur promulgated a decree on the power, Ion Hadyrke resigns from his post as head of the NF, selecting the position of Vice-Speaker of Parliament, and Rosca, as executive chairman, gets control of the NF. It is boycotting the presidential elections of 1991, calling upon the people’s opinion do not vote for „Russophile” Mircea Snegur and checking, at the same time, how susceptible moldavian people to his appeals.

The collapse of the USSR and the declaration of independence of Moldova became a chance for the future leader Rosca and CDPP use it very effectively. To achieve its objectives of seizing absolute power in the NF, Rosca resorted to all methods available to him, not forgetting to use in their work, and specific methods of special services.

Using the technique of spreading rumors, he is making a split in the ranks of the intellectual component of the NF. His main horse – belonging to a person to special. All – „kagebeshniki” except „Budulaya.

The political speculator

In order to take the post of vice-chairman of the NF, Rosca in 1992 at the Third Congress of the Popular Front, suggested for the presidency candidacy Mircea Druk, who receives a majority. Rosca was elected vice-chairman and a permanent bureau of the NF immediately filled his хлопцами: Vlad Kubryakovym, Kukuetu, Burke and others.

By that time, many frontisty „not only disappointed in the” Friends „Iurie, but became almost openly express their disapproval, and sometimes open hostility, and that was for Rosca kind of signal to close the mouth” intellectuals „with their aggressiveness. At a meeting of leadership of the NF, the stories of witnesses, Rosca have made it clear that he did not wish there to see. The reaction Budulaya was unclear aggressive: Rosca stood up and literally zaoral at present, arguing that he would rather shoot all than leave the meeting. Wish Rosca lyuboyu by hook or by crook to lead the Front was so strong that he made it clear not to become in its way, or else … What was the „other” again, not blaming Iurie Rosca, we provide below.

Retreating from its investigation, to ask his lawyers if Rosca decides to apply for our publication to court for „libel” and other things that we are innocent Rosca no blame, just give the data based on the testimony of witnesses and the data described earlier in a number of Moldovan media.

Recognizing that the collapse of the Soviet Union has weakened the position of the KGB used to use the „cashier” NF, which receives funds from the United States, Romania and Europe, one known to him, the NF to Rosca remained the only alternative to social activities and existence.

That Rosca Association of Moldova with Romania, that is, „Unire” less interested in anything that he would only speculate on this idea (as CPRM on brand „communists”) to dorvatsya to power, and speak words Mircea Druk, who recalled in one day Roşca came to him and said, fearful the following: „What if Snegur implements Unire If we fail to do so, then do not we Unire, nothing we do not need.”

Agent „leader”

According to some sources, after 1992, Rosca became vice-chairman of the NF, it operating nickname was changed: he had received the code „leader”, as loudly declared once and publication PCRM „Communist,” but that very quickly, from given us a little below the reasons ceased to bind Rosca with Soviet intelligence agencies.

Important detail: the change of operational nickname spoke of how great a role to the special service at Rosca and that the task Rosca were adjusted, and its membership of the special services covered by more dense veil of secrecy. Valuable agent should be valued, but the fact that the Russian agent of influence „leader” is particularly valuable for the FSB, said that Moscow was curator Rosca Vyacheslav Ushakov, the current State Secretary of Federal Security Service and deputy director of the Russian special services.

There will have to retreat from the leader-Budulaya to enable the reader to become a clear background of the next steps of this character.

It should be noted that Vladimir Voronin, according to which our forces can not be verified, but which come from a reliable source, was „launched” in Moldovan politics by Vyacheslav Ushakov (!).

According to the source, during the first years of independence, Moldova, Voronin was studying at the Moscow Academy of the Interior Ministry, which, in principle, is common. What’s less known is the fact that financial problems almost led to divorce between him and his wife Taisia.

The man who helped keep the family Voronin and interfered with his future role of head of the Moldovan state, none other than Vyacheslav Ushakov. A strange coincidence, but the deputy director of the FSB has a direct relationship to the two irreconcilable enemies in the past – Voronin and Rosca. And whether it is coincidence?

In 1992, during the armed conflict between the two sister banks, Rosca refuses to participate in the mobilization to support the fighters.

„We are Christians and neutral with regard to this war.” The words belong Rosca, who did not forget, at the same time, from time to time to remind the combatants that they are fighting for Romania. His words reached and until the warring parties, deepening hatred pridnestrovtsev and increasing the number of volunteers in the war with Chisinau.

After becoming vice-chairman of the NF, Rosca does crushing blow to the founders of the Moldovan national movement.

Beshlyaga, Larry, Gimpu, Vieru, Chimpoy, Moshanu, and spent Shoymaru leave the Front and a Congress of intellectuals. Get rid of them, Rosca immediately begin to implement the next phase of the plan of seizing power in the NF.

Convincing in 1993 Mircea Druk attend a candidate for the post of president of Romania, and obtained his resignation as chairman of the NF, Rosca declare itself the only „patron” of Moldovan national movement, and identify all the past successes predecessors.

A little later, Rosca, who, along with Kubryakovym in the initial period of work in the Movement often stayed at the Druk and his wife, eating through the hospitality of the family, said: „You and our paths diverged from Druk, who never recognized the Republic of Moldova.”

In April 1994, Rosca makes the results of the interception of legitimate power. At the Fourth Congress of PPCD, the structure of the NF-heir, Rosca was elected chairman. Re-elected for the post in 1996 and 1999.

The first parliamentary mandate

9 December 1993 in Tiraspol was declared the verdict „Ilascu group”. Arrest Ilascu and his comrades are still a white spot in the recent history of Moldova. Ilascu himself believes that his knowledge of himself and his team used the Moldovan and Russian special services in order to create an aura of Romanian Popular Front terrorists and justify the actions of separatists: „I realized that something is not clean, when demand for our group of Russian-made weapons, but Kishinev insisted that we fought the Romanian arms, „- said later Ilascu, arrested in 1992.

In particular the critical period of relations with Tiraspol, Rosca artificially created scandal, expressing „unionistskie ‘moods, helping to deepen the crisis between the two sides. And so in a context where, and Rosca, in Tiraspol and Chisinau, and Moscow is well aware that of any accession of Moldova to Romania could not read the speech: the conditions for this as there was then, so does not exist now.

Moreover, it is possible that Rosca role in proclaiming the independence of the TMR so far have not been studied until the end. But he has Tiraspol invaluable assistance in this, if one of his declarations and actions. Here, more questions and answers on the instructions of the „leader of, and we want to draw the attention of the reader to the following facts.

In summer 1990, during the Second Congress of the NF, Rosca has prepared its own resolutions, udosuzhivshis not discuss them with the guidance of the NF and not putting it in on the popularity of their „initiatives”. One of the initiatives of the future „Orange” was calculated on the renaming of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia in Romanian Republic of Moldova, and this at a time when Moscow has made Herculean efforts to convince Kishinev sign treaties of alliance and threatened Snegur creation of the separatist republics.

Tiraspol has been in standby mode, and instead of being based on the political realities, Rosca took his own game, becoming the catalyst for the creation of the TMR.

„The Republic of Moldova Romania” plunged into shock public opinion in the USSR, and so frightened pridnestrovtsev that Tiraspol on the basis of statements Rosca 12 September 1990 declares the establishment of a „Dniester Moldovan Republic.”

Later, with the direct assistance of the Russian military, Tiraspol managed during fighting in 1992 to seize control of most of the territory of Transdniestria and the surrounding area Bender.

Strange, but after that Rosca no longer resembled the „Republic of Moldova Romania. Aware of whether he committed or simply carry out their task – to judge history. But in that their actions had helped to divide the country into two hostile shore – it is clear now. And let’s hope that his son Stefan, and daughter Alexandra and Oane Rosca spoke the truth about its role in the period 1990-1992.

On the shoulders of Ilascu

But back to the Ilascu and its role in promoting the Rosca to the parliament. Or rather, to how to use Ilascu, Rosca achieved first deputy mandate.

After his arrest, the group Ilascu Rosca organize mass rallies and calls for the leadership of the republic to take all steps for their release, up to power. Despite the fact that the President has done everything possible to try to convince Moscow of the feasibility of the release of Ilascu and his comrades, accusing Rosca directly Snegur that he humiliated in front of the separatists, demanded his resignation and called for forceful action against the Tiraspol, in order to release the „group Ilascu, which undoubtedly would lead to further bloodshed. What is sought Rosca at that time, we describe below, at this stage, just remember that Rosca called to force action on the Tiraspol administration.

Rosca has not Snegur resignation, but in 1994 had made the entrance to the Parliament, using map Ilascu. He even wrote a book about it. According to Ion Neagu and other leaders, then the NF, this book distributed to the electorate in the pre-election period.

„There were hundreds of thousands of printed copies, but after the elections, Rosca forbade us to distribute these books in the villages. Then ordered the stove to melt and burn the remaining copies. We entered the parliament with the help of Ilascu, Rosca but he was no longer needed.”

If you carefully examine the actions of Rosca, it becomes clear and the reason for the decision: Ilascu one of the few people who actually claim to leadership in the People’s Front, which was unacceptable to the Rosca.

Moreover, while the leadership of Moldova Rosca accused of inaction in relation to the „Ilascu group”, and Cubreacov solemnly entered the Parliament, carrying a poster with a photograph Ilascu. Today’s Leader CDPP brazen obvorovyval family Ilascu.

Yury not issued in full Nina Ilascu deputy salary of her husband. Here are the words of Ilascu Rosca:

„Rosca obokral my family. It gave the wife the entire salary, and so continued until she rebelled and did not start is to get it. He took away himself, and all the help sent to my family through NF citizens of Romania and other countries. I have many people asked , reached there before my family amounts to 5,000, 12,000 or even 25,000 dollars that were transferred through the Rosca. But my husband never received from the Rosca more than 300 U.S. dollars.

One day he told my wife that all the furniture, which sends us to Romania, which is unloaded at a party office, was stolen. ”

And Victor Zugravu, former head partyacheyki CDPP in the factory of reinforced concrete products, announced the publication of „Timpul”: „The address of the Front received assistance for prisoners (” Ilascu group „), dozens of cars, including the furniture, which Rosca sold in Russia. Those who knew about this poorly finished …”.

In turn, Valeriu Matei said: „I was in the United States, where he met with Mihai Vynetorul known representative of the Romanian Diaspora in America. He said, got there before me money for newspaper publishers” Mesagerul „, which passed through the Romanian Diaspora Rosca. I first heard about it and was shocked. ”

Sam Mikhai Vynetorul stated that he does not remember the exact amounts of money that were transferred to Moldova through Iurie Rosca, but confirmed that the money transferred from time to time, but the amount was substantial.

Mircea Snegur in the second volume of his memoirs recalls that: „At the end of his visit to Canada, one of the diaspora asked me:” Mr. President, you do not know how were the amounts that were awarded Iurie Rosca „.

Mircea Druk also confirmed that the money to the NF in order to aid the families of the „Ilascu” came from many countries, but for 15 years, but was in prison Ilascu and his comrades, the money has not reached their families.

„Rosca agent of the KGB!”

In autumn 1994, Valeriu Matei received a letter signed by Ilie Ilascu in custody, which was written as follows: „Valeriu, I learned that Rosca KGB agent. Be careful.”

After his release, Ilascu said that his words were based on statement by a member of the Moldovan secret services operating in the guise of Tiraspol, and whose life Ilascu group „rescued in 1992 during the fighting. According Ilascu, the Moldovan security services officer said to him as gratitude for the salvation of the following: „Ilie, if you know what сволочи you are there, in front! Rosca was hired by us as early as 1986, when working in television. At first, his nickname was” Budulay.

Ilascu told that at the beginning he did not believe this, but later saw himself in it. „The Popular Front was established Hadyrke and Druk, Rosca is spinning there on the other end. If we are not a whole, he said first that the second kagebeshnik” – „drunkard”:

Instead of making a revolution, which claimed he broke a national liberation movement. That was his goal. ”

Ilascu also alleges that prior to 1996, he sent several letters Rosca, but had received no response. In 1996, the prisoner Ilascu carefully prepared to escape from prison and to escape a major role given Rosca. Ilascu decided to run 23 February 1996, when the guards were „relaxing” on the day of the Soviet Army.

Under the plan, at 23.00 Ilie Ilascu was supposed to start knocking on the door camera and under the pretext that it is bad, forcing a guard to enter the cell to neutralize him, threatening obtained prior gun-related and escape pereprygnuv the prison fence. He also agreed with one of the guards in the tower on the perimeter fence that, if necessary, he will be fired by the fleeing …

„The prison in Glina in the recent past was the institution where the treated alcoholics, and the fence was low, which could be easily overcome,” – recalled Ilascu.

In December 1995, during visits from his wife, conveyed to Ilascu Rosca cryptic message, which directly asked him whether he agrees with the fact that it is written. In his letter, asked Ilascu Rosca give him the night of the escape vehicle, which will wait in 200 meters from the prison. By car Ilascu was to drive 12 miles to the bank of the Dniester river, and take the boat across a river. Rosca approved the plan of escape, and said Nina Ilascu that agree to assist, as requested to transfer her husband.

At night, February 23, Ilascu perepryatal gun under the pillow, but at 22.55 it suddenly alerted silence which came at the door: „There something whispered, and then was abruptly opened the bars, I hit the butt of the machine on the face and I fell. Observed in cell B. Antyufeeva, Minister of Tiraspol MSS. Someone said that I searched for the presence of weapons, and when lifted up the pillow, all just pale. I was severely beaten and was closed in solitary confinement for 30 days. Follow-up 6 months I was not allowed visits from his wife ” .

According Ilascu, immediately after Rosca warned his wife: „Shut up, Nina, because you are involved.” She asked Rosca, sent there on the night of the escape car, according to the agreement, and received the following reply: „I’m that stupid, stupid fulfill requests Ilascu?. Later Rosca officially announced that a plan of escape is nothing but … campaign, arranged against the CDPP! „We’re not a terrorist organization and was not even the minimum chance to release it (Ilascu) by force,” said Rosca, had previously been accused Moldovan leadership that fails to take the power of liberation „Ilascu group”.

What happened at that time in the corridors of power, says Nicholas Andronic, former head of the parliamentary commission on the Transnistrian settlement: „When faced with the problem of privatization of the Kishinev factory Vibropribor, we learned that a Russian colonel Bergman, commander of the separatist forces, is interested in privatization. We offered to release him instead of Ilascu and he replied that this takes time. Then I went and Rosca said: „Let’s help him escape, but the road kill him.” Ilie would be a hero, and Rosca afraid of competition. I refused this participate …”,- Andronic said.

And Dumitru Osipov, former vice-chairman of PPCD, confirms the fact that Ilascu could be a political leader that Rosca only seen in a fearful dream.

But how the information that has become the province of only Rosca became known Tiraspol MGB? „How Russian are against me, and Rosca, Ilascu felt confident in the existence of a channel of information Rosca-Simion Russu-Antyufeev. As we have mentioned earlier, the former deputy director Sibal Russu even in years of the Moldovan state was often seen in the company Rosca.

After the betrayal Rosca, Ilascu immediately wrote a statement of withdrawal from the CDPP, but it was too late. It fulfilled its role by providing Roşca the first four years of parliamentary immunity.

What followed on, at first glance, incomprehensibly, as well as breaks the established social stereotypes of the Rosca. We will not comment on anything, and we will bring as little as possible leads. Let the reader himself to judge and make necessary conclusions on the basis of the facts and evidence.

In spring 1996, an area of the Grand National Assembly of the combatants of the conflict have organized a protest in support of „Ilascu group”. The protest was backed by all leaders of democratic parties and intellectuals. All except Rosca. The initiators of the action were Nikolae Shymlanskaya, chairman Benderskaya branch CDPP, and Victor Zugravu. Together with Peter Godiak, one of the members of the „Ilascu group”, which was previously released, they overtake the all branches of PPCD in the country, asking a colleague to participate in the protest. „As soon as we arrived for the party machine, and people say we do not take seriously.” We have invited many people, but nobody came, „argues Godiak.

6 May 1996 Shymlanskaya and Zugravu arrived at the party office CDPP, in order to propose Roşca to join the protest. That is what tells Victor Zugravu about what happened that day:

„We have crossed the threshold, there were all the members of PPCD. When they saw me, Iurie jumped up and started beating me with fists. Bailiff to my temple pistol:” Shot! What connects you with a group of Ilascu? They are drug addicts and drunkards! Sold FSB! Betrayed me! You are, all those who called for „Unire, must be destroyed! He beat me kulakmi, legs, handle a pistol to his head. ”

After the fly and Shymlanskaya.

The first left the premises Cubreacov and Burke, and later all the other MPs. Natalia Pascal typing on the computer, and Rosca us how to beat boxing pears. We fell, but he continued to beat us. Later, someone helped me get to the bathroom and I washed away the blood, then washed away the blood with Shymlanskaya, whose eyes and face were covered with blood.

Later, his cast into a car and driven away. I thought he would be killed because he knew too much, but I know of what Iurie.

I was told to go to the cabinet Rosca. With plug for a gun belt in bloody white shirt, he warned me: „you say even a word, and destroy thee and thy mother! Leave you without a home and work!”

I returned to the area where I waited for the police. It has been a forensic examination and the same evening, was in the building CDPP with prosecutors. Arguing that does not know what speech Rosca forbade them to enter the building. I suppose there removed from the blood of the walls and floor. We were told that a criminal case, but at all and ended. ”

According Zugravu, Shymlanskaya, with his eyes closed, took one of the apartments on the street Florilor, 2, in Chisinau, where previously lived Stefan Sekeryanu.

„He was there six days, after which Rosca warned him that if you do not leave Moldova, he will destroy it. Since then, he lived in Bistriţa-Neseud” – argues Zugravu.

Before you leave the territory of Moldova, Shymlanskaya Zugravu and organized a press conference during which the said society about what happened to them on 6 May 1996 in the office CDPP. Later Zugravu mother, 83-year-old woman was raped by an unknown, who entered the night in her house. Still later it was beaten and died from blows received. When Zugravu said the incident to the police, he was told that it is impossible to find the attackers.

Do Rosca involved in all these illegal actions is unknown. But the fact remains: the perpetrators could not be found, and the prosecutor’s office claims to have evidence that Shymlanskaya and Zugravu were beaten and that in this case a criminal case was not prosecuted. As usual, in Moldova, all unchanged.

And the fact that against a personal enemy, „Voronin justice is not subordinate filed a criminal case, also shows a lot.

Peter Godiak also suffered as a result of their attempts to protect Ilascu, being forced to flee from Moldova. One evening, in the heart of the capital, in front of a police patrol, he was beaten badly a few unknowns. The police were close: they turned their backs on the beating human company and did not intervene in the proceedings. Godiak appealed for help to the police, but received a reply, which is amazing: this is the case, it turns out, not the police! No more, no less. Then a strange at all, as the Moldovan police involved, and no time to, along with the leadership of the superstructure, „walk” and its personnel, on the intellectual qualities which are already in the republic anecdotes go.

A week later, returning home, Godiaka already waiting in front of stairways of four men who tumble into with him in the apartment.

„One of them I found out he beat me the first time. I have seen no other in our protest, in ryase priest, he offered his assistance. They pushed me into a car and taken to the Durlesti with very severely beaten. Saying that it is better to I was shot in Tiraspol that my place is in Moldova, and that I must leave to his brothers-Romania. After Iurie beat Shymlanskaya and Zugravu, I asked him to convey that I will beat him as soon as the meeting. It is ahead of me .. . I moved to live in Cluj, where I live so far „- says Peter Godiak.

Godiak also suggests that among the Rosca and special services, there is a different relationship. According to him, after he was released from prison, he appealed to the Rosca to help him get medical checks, as well as health for all these years, shaken.

„Iurie told me that the next morning, at 8 o’clock, I will wait for the machine, which brings to the clinic. At 7.50 on my door and knocked the man took me to hospital SIBA. Rosca why it immediately raised the scandal, saying that „Godiak disappeared,” and if the driver of the machine, which he sent for me at 8 am, did not find me. Later I became friends with the driver who brought me to the clinic, and learned that he works in SIBe. How did he know about my request to Iurie and why security has expressed interest in my treatment, I did not know. ”

Of these people, Moldova remained only Victor Zugravu.

„Iurie kept his word. But I’m not the first nor the last, I who contacted them, and suffered as a result. Others, many who have suffered worse than I do. It’s a pity their mothers, who have suffered …”,- told Zugravu .

So, irrespective of which political party or who is in power, Rosca have always maintained, and other government security services. It is worth recalling the case of the beating of the late George Gimpu and the few cases where the police beat Rosca. Again, it all came down from the hands. No action was taken against him, though to ask him some questions consequence simply obliged.

11 September 1998 Ciobanu Valentin, chairman of the metropolitan branch CDPP Botanica, got in front of the house in which lived crowbar blow to the head. Died. The offender was not found.

28 July 2000, the Mircea Ciobanu, the former vice-chairman of PPCD, in the same circumstances received a crowbar blow to the head. The offender was not found.

The same evening, Dumitru Osipov, a former vice-chairman of PPCD, the only person who dared to compete with the Rosca to the post of chairman of the party, was abducted, transported to another place and inhumanely beaten. Left to die, came to himself on the river Bic, in his own puddle of blood. The criminals could not be found.

4 August 2007 the corpse of Andrew Buzu, mayor of PPCD in the village Dreslichen Kriulyanskogo area, was found in the well. The criminals could not be found.

At the very least, strange cases. And not too much happens in their surroundings Iurie Rosca and led them to the party?

Professional traitor

In all that has Iurie Rosca after the parliamentary elections of 1994, two targets are clearly visible.

The first – at any price to return to Parliament. Second – to bring power to the PCRM, and personally, Vladimir Voronin. The last statement, at first glance, scandalous, but it’s very much explaining. Let the reader himself decide what he concluded to do.

According to one of our sources, the task of „leader” is, first of all, the return and retention of Moldova in the interests of the Russian Federation. To this end, the power should have been given a lot, some people. This is the role of Rosca. And which party and what rights he had to bring to power, can be seen from below.

Please act Iurie Rosca, paying no attention to his comments of its own steps. Only the bare facts.

The presidential election of 1996, Rosca supports Snegur against Lucinschi, who was considered close to Moscow. At first glance, Rosca Russia opposes, but only at first glance. In the first round Snegur wins with a difference of 11 per cent, rather than ensure his rapprochement with Valeriu Matei, who received more than 10 percent of voters, making Rosca strengthen existing conflict, which becomes the President of Moldova Petru Lucinschi, a man with extensive contacts in Moscow .

In the parliamentary elections in 1998, which went along with Rosca Snegur, CDPP leader once again doing everything possible not to create an alliance with Mateyev. After the election, created the Alliance for Democracy and Reforms (ADR) and Rosca becomes first vice-chairman of the parliament.

Nicholas Andronic, confidant of President, recalls: „The leader of PPCD shirt vomiting on himself, asking the post of Deputy Speaker and Snegur promising that 2001 would make him President.”

„Having achieved the desired position, Rosca was no longer needed ADRs, he initiated the only scandals among members of the Alliance. After all provocations Rosca assembly ADRs become a farce”, – recollects Sergio Burke, a former deputy CDPP. His words were also confirmed by the Alecu Renitse.

The next blow „proevropeytsa” Rosca was the resignation of the Government Sturzy. Strangely enough, the candidate had been offered it Sturzy Rosca, who asked Djakova instead for his party’s positions in a number of important ministries, the post of Prosecutor General, Chief State Chancellery and the others.

In a word, asked, so that he was denied. After refusing Djakova, Rosca withdraw the appointment of two members of PPCD on ministers for ten minutes before voting to approve the government. Sturzu accuses of corruption, is in alliance with the Communists, and declares the beginning of the campaign „clean hands”. Note that it is the beginning of the anti-corruption campaign, „Yuri Chistorukogo ended bringing to power of Vladimir Voronin.

Operation Voronin – President ”

The new parliamentary alliance of communists and CDPP hurry to withdraw prior to the premiere Sturzu Council of Europe Summit to be held in Helsinki, 10 December 1999, where it was assumed that Moldova was to join together with Bulgaria and Romania in the process of joining the EU. All attempts by the Romanian President Constantinescu Emila and European leaders to persuade Rosca Voronin and save the government before the end of the summit has collapsed.

Before the voting process Sturzy vote of no confidence in the Government, the delegation will arrive in Kishinev of the U.S. Congress, which is trying to convince Rosca retain ADRs, but proevropeets „does not lend itself to any persuasions and voted together with Voronin for the resignation of the government.

As a result, Moldova is losing the chance to integrate into the EU along with Romania and Bulgaria, and remains in the orbit of Moscow. Vote of no confidence in the Government of Moldova in Sturzy cost 37 million dollars, which were to cover part of the cost of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria and to block the World Bank loan of U.S. $ 35 million.

Next Moldavian prime minister, Dumitru Braghis, as well as Vice Prime Minister Valery Kosarchuk also been proposed Rosca, who accuses them of corruption today. If properly understood yesterday’s action Rosca and his speech today, it appears that the PPCD leader pushed the power corrupt?

Taking into account the involvement of Rosca to the Russian special services, it becomes much clearer. 30 December 1998, for example, Parliament had voted to pass the law on cults, which was to legitimize the activity Bessarabian Metropolitan. Rosca is a pretext and a row with Djakova CDPP faction defiantly withdrew. MP Dabizha Kubryakova asked to stay, but ally Rosca also withdrew. As a result, lacked a few votes for the adoption of the law. Why did this happen?

Is generally negative reaction to the existence of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Bessarabian. As a result of „resourcefulness” Iurie Rosca were again met Russian interests. A little later, Rosca misinformed public opinion, to conclude the operation of this objective cover their actions, that is fully consistent with the tactics of special services.

19 November 1999, when the Education Act to be modified, based on legislative initiatives and commissioning of religion as a subject of instruction in schools, the Communists and the PPCD were unanimously against it.

Law on lustration, which Roşca proudly attributes themselves, in fact, was prepared by deputy Vasile Nedelchukom, whose text of the bill … disappeared from the computer to later appear in the legislative initiative CDPP.

Interestingly, in this context sounds phrase Dumitru Djakova made in 2000 at the plenary session of the parliament and addressed Rosca: „I ask you, knowing about your beautiful relationship in Pasat, ask him to provide any document about me, but it would be desirable that he provided and your records to show how you are „knocking” on the entire Popular Front for 90 years. ”

Continuing the „European” orientation of their actions, Rosca Mateja removes from office the Vice-President of Parliament, replacing it with Vadim Mishina, more approving attitude Voronina led by the Communist Party. A little later, PPCD in conjunction with the Communists to vote for a parliamentary republic and the operation led by Rosca, for the arrival of the PCRM to power on home stretch.

At the first election under the new formula in 2001, Rosca seem to be playing on two fronts: supporting and Communists (CDPP vote to make President Paul Barbalata) and Peter Lucinschi, who wishes to re-election. Thanks to zero „voices” CDPP, after two rounds or Barbalat or Lucinschi not achieve a majority. Announced another election and came to power, Vladimir Voronin. The operation is completed.

These guys

We will not talk about their personal welfare CDPP leader and the shadow aspects of his business, which has been given enough attention to the Moldovan opposition press. Let us on another „business” Yuri Rosca – selling of votes of deputies from the CDPP. The fact that it offers a good „profit,” „leader” knew in 2000.

At that time, Voronin passionately vozzhelal become Prime Minister of Moldova, but although he belonged to the majority of mandates, without the aid of Rosca was not enough. Ready to become prime minister, Vladimir Voronin, is decided at the last moment to give up this position: less than a year, followed by parliamentary elections and Voronin is not in danger of gaining success in the new position.

In addition, the crisis in which the country could damage the image of the party that would lead to lower results at the elections of 2001, during which it was assumed that the Democrats tolerate crushing defeat. At first glance, his refusal Voronin lost the battle, in fact, he won the entire war, which proved the results of the 2001 election.

The decision to abandon Voronin Prime knew Rosca, but that did not know the opposition, which Rosca decided „to make” money. And what will follow below, fully characterizes the Rosca.

Imagine a quiet amazement of leaders of opposition parties represented in Parliament when Rosca declares openly: „If I did not get what I want, vote for Voronin, Prime Minister.” Not much, Rosca asked for their „pliancy” 360,000 dollars.

Accordingly, Rosca is to deny it, but some of those „skidyvalsya at otkupnye Rosca, still in Moldovan politics, and are his opponents. In which case, they will be able to affirm it.

After receiving the money, Rosca voted against Voronina, and what he wanted. Rosca played as opposed to notes, and completing their task, while earning money.

In the elections of 2001 Rosca pulls in parliament have another „engine” – General Nicolae Alexei, a famous wrestler in a time of corruption and a person close to Peter Lucinschi. Using Alexis as „Ilascu-2, Rosca is the parliament and the name of Alexei immediately disappears from the Moldovan policy.

Another remarkable fact. In late 2001, the CDPP organized massive anti-protest, established the City of Liberty, „Rosca can often be seen with the megaphones in hand, shouting slogans antivoroninskie. And people believed him again.

People with tears in her eyes are involved in actions CDPP, chanting „Down with communists!” Day stay at the Square of Great National Assembly and none of them asked themselves: if the anti-protest, why electricity tent camp is available from government buildings? And why so much money from the Rosca, which Romania, first realized in the service, what exactly is the state Rosca, ceased to sponsor the year 2000?

According to Valeriu Mateyu, which is a neighbor, Vladimir Voronin, in one of the evenings, when the capital’s central square Kipelov the passion in the garden voroninskogo home by two men talked quietly – Rosca and Voronin. The President talked with those of whom later say – „this guy.” What exactly was discussed between the two men, politicians, we do not ever know. But can compare the facts. But the facts suggest the following:

In 2001, Voronin came to power promising to make Russian language official status of the second state. Another ally Roşca Voronin promised to introduce Russian language as a compulsory subject in school curricula. At that time, it could literally blow up the society, which would badly impact on the ratings of the party.

But word is the word, and the „right” to his word, Voronin orders the Minister of Education Vranchu enter into the school curriculum Russian language. Literally the next day on the area of the Grand National Assembly began the protest rallies. Directed by – Iurie Rosca.

Ends, it is very beneficial for both sides: Voronin has maintained its position among the Russian-speaking population (I would, but I did not), Rosca reinforces its position in the rumynoyazychnogo population. Such a symbiosis here, and orange-red, who drive in Moldova in the blackness of poverty.

„Sunset” red-orange

So, if you analyze the evolution of Rosca and Voronin in the political arena, the two politicians did everything to strengthen the position of Russia in the former MSSR. And it must be said that all leads to the way it was. Until 2003, when Voronin refused to obey the will of the Kremlin and went to the signing of a memorandum Kozak. Moscow was not just shocked.

She was furious, especially since they are well aware of what the West got her an agent of influence – on personal selfish interests: „nothing personal, just business”, and compromising on Voronin was so terrible, that he decided to follow the „Uncle Sam”.

It was in 2003 and changed motion vector of Moldova, which suddenly turns to Europe – before, in Russia – backwards. In 2005, Voronin over the pro-minded slogans of the opposition, as it resulted in complete confusion, begin economic and political „war” between Chisinau and Moscow, but Voronin at the expense of new slogans once again wins the election. And selected European vector Voronin, not because of „democracy”, but because he was forced to „throw” Moscow and he has lost support, but authorities did not want to leave.

Rosca, declaring itself a supporter of the Ukrainian Maidan, and became the „orange” leader, also a member of parliament. The old partners again in one scene, but at first glance, this time on opposite sides of the barricades: Moscow asked Rosca with a requirement to punish Voronin and not vote for him as president.

In mid-March 2005, Russia organized a secret meeting, to which were invited the Moldovan politicians and businessmen, could change the distribution of powers in the political life of Moldova. All were of different political orientation, but combining them, one idea: do not give Voronin a greater power, prevent it at any cost. Here, the view of Moldovan delegation coincided with the position of major Russian politician, who represented the Kremlin at the meeting.

During negotiations, the Moldovan representatives expressed doubt about the fact that Rosca not vote for the Communists, which received a reply which, to put it mildly, shocked: „Rosca our people, we have already agreed with him.”

For the first time Moscow has reaffirmed that Rosca represent its interests. The truth is, not free – Rosca suggested that the no vote for Voronin, 400000 dollars.

Moldovan representatives expressed doubts that this amount will satisfy the Rosca, but were assured that Voronin will no longer be president. So, the Kremlin’s desire to punish the Moldovan President Voronin and the fate of the most dependent on one person. This life Rosca has not yet been!

That Rosca betray Russia and choose Voronina, it was clear beforehand. Just look at the list of candidates for deputies of the CDPP in 2005: the names of most of the new, 50 percent women, 50 percent of men. Moreover, the lists of candidates have been changed at the last minute.

In parallel, Yury declared his forthcoming anticommunist revolution: it is needed votes for passage in Parliament. But on the night of elections Ion Neagu, representative Rosca, call all the regional leaders and warned that the „revolution” is delayed, people do not bring in Kishinev.

Ion Memelige responsible for the campaign in the CDPP Nisporeni and Ungheni, remembers the next day after the election: „In the morning, arrived in Chisinau office of the party. I thought I found one half of the country, but it was empty. A few hours later came Sekeryanu, which was cool. From March 6 to April 5, was not held a single meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the party, and April 3, Rosca, arrived in the office of the party and said: „We must vote for Voronin …”.

So, just one year after the adoption of the resolution at the Congress of PPCD on the inadmissibility of the vote for the Communists, Rosca Make all: Russia, Romania and its electorate.

And after the on 4 April 2005 reyderskih begins a series of attacks against a private business run by family representatives Vlad Plahotnyukom and presidential son.

It was following on 4 April 2005 Roşca stops to hide their real identity and at the court of public opinion appears cynic and curmudgeon.

It was following on 4 April 2005 from the privatization of state property for just the money and the same person. Confident that power no longer remain, Voronin and Rosca fill their pockets. And if Rosca has lowered his hands, knowing that the chances of the CDPP is no, because he has no idea where people pull over, then Voronin fighting tooth and nail for it to stay in power. Only it is the guarantor of its impunity.

If you win the PCRM, will wait for the appointment as Ambassador Comrade Iurie Rosca: Maria Rosca eye vyklyuet. If the opposition wins, it is likely that once again see a Rosca with Voronin. At this time in the interview with investigators, and then in the dock. Crimes of the red-orange coalition – a crime against the people.

As regards supplies to special Rosca, quote Moldovan publication „Timpul”, according to which, one former allies Iurie Rosca told the following:

„In 2004, while in rural areas Molesht Ialoveni area, we sat at the table when the drunk man came and presented a certificate Sibal embraced Rosca and said:” We shall ensure that the head of the man fell, no hair, we there are a number. „Rosca said nothing, only the strong pale.”

And I think that knowing Valery Pasat, as mentioned, when stated that this biography Roşca completely different, and that these special agents can be seen every day on television in Moldova. Well, who most pribral to the hands of mass media in Moldova, has long been known: Vladimir Voronin and Iurie Rosca.

Today, only the differences between Voronin that Rosca – a political corpse. And Voronin did have a chance to stay in politics, but even as a head of state. But overall among many – one political and the other traitors, and the fact that, following the political death Rosca after sunset and Voronin.

Arthur Seetov

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